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The Major Arcana

The Fool   The Magician   The High Priestess   The Empress   The Emperor tarot card   The Hierophant tarot card   The Lovers tarot card - male and female   The Lovers - Lesbian version   The Lovers tarot card Male/male   The Lovers - the triad   The Chariot tarot card   The Strength tarot card   The Hermit tarot card   The Wheel of Fortune tarot card   Justice tarot card   the Hanged Man tarot card   The Death Tarot card   Temperance - tarot card   The Devil tarot card   The Tower tarot card   The Star tarot card   The Moon Tarot card   The Sun tarot card  The Judgement card  The World tarot card

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How to Read Tarot Card
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A huge thank you to all my fabulous models, without whom I could have never brought this project to fruition!
A special thanks to my Tarot Consultant Queen Auset Heru.  You can contact her for readings at
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