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Model credits

I have many, many models to thank.
Without them, I could not have brought my dream of creating a more inclusive tarot to fruition.
Many of the models who posed for me have positions in their jobs or in their community where being nude on a tarot card would be problematic for them.
They wish to remain anonymous. I give them thanks but no credit.
Models who wish to be credited are Queen Auset-Heru, E.F, JAYSUN, Kalvone, Lisa Hellen, Vincent R. Vallere, Deana Demko, R.O.Quinn, Devine Diva, Carl Bauer, Reif Clements, Wanda Perez, Neil Fleischer, Mike Felbs, Dirk Stevensen, Abu Dabi48, VeVe Lane, Christine, Dahlia Grace, Peter Riot, Rich, Double You Jae, Elizabeth Cameron, LEO, Tomah, Victoria Veda, Carl Bauer, Hillary J. Gross, Ian Thompson, Matthew Levenson, Zames Curran, Fay, Nadine Theresa Stevens , Yogi Shiva, An Cuglas.
Please contact me if you were omitted or if you are a model who would like a link to your website.
Thank you so much!
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